Foyer anywhere, anytime.

The innovative app that brings us closer.

With the MyFoyer app, see your insurance in a new light!

Simple and intuitive, your procedure for your healthcare reimbursements will get easier. Follow your claim in
real time and be reassured by the availability of 24/7 emergency callbacks.

Innovative and intuitive functions

    • Manage your health requests with a few clicks

      • Reimbursement or coverage request? You choose!
      • Take a photo of your documents or download them from your phone's gallery.
      • Send your request.
      MyFoyer app visuel

      Now all that remains is to check your history and wait for your reimbursement to arrive!

    • Follow your claim in real time

      • Consult the history of your car and house insurance claims.
      • Follow the progress of your claims in real time.
      • Check current and previous claims in just a few clicks.
      MyFoyer app visuel

      No more questioning, thanks to MyFoyer app you’ll be updated on the progress of your claim!

    • Stay close to your Foyer agent

      • Consult his working hours in real time.
      • Call him directly or send him an email.
      • Meet them at the branch with the address in the palm of your hand.
      MyFoyer app visuel

      Now more than ever, your agent is with you every step of the way!

    • 24/7 Assistance

      • Press the emergency callback button.
      • Select the nature of your emergency.
      • A few minutes later, Foyer will contact you in order to send you help!
      MyFoyer app visuel

      Day or night, Foyer and its agents are by your side to reassure you!

    Do you still have questions?

    Who can create an account on the MyFoyer application?

    Account creation on the MyFoyer app is reserved for Foyer insured parties who have taken out a health, home or auto contract or who have a Medicis group contract.

    What information is necessary to create an account?

    To create an account, you must enter a valid e-mail, your personal information (first and last name, date of birth and postal code) and your customer number. Nothing more!

    What type of health requests can I make in MyFoyer app?

    MyFoyer lets you directly send health reimbursement requests and coverage requests.

    Where can I follow the progress of my request?

    The progress of your request appears in real time in the mobile application: firstly in the “requests in progress” list right after being sent, and later in the “processed requests” list when it has been received by our claims managers..

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